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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 13, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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that was 35 years ago today. everybody is laughing. the joke is on me. >> the dow is up again. we set another record. life is good enjoy your day. >> put the olive branch away. tonight, fox on top of both sides digging in, as democrats and republicans pick their teams, pick their feets and we're talking a lot of fights. get ready. this lame duck session has only just started quacking. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. maybe it was harry reid giving elizabeth warren potential lay bigger role is in senate, or nancy pelosi saying she never heard of jonathan gruber, or the president still going forward with an
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freeze deportations. if you thought democrats were moving to the middle, all doubt removed today. just as the republicans signaled an even harder right turn that all but tipped where they're going today, pushing for quick votes on keystone and repeal of obamacare. chad says spell out how both sides are having it out. they're just getting started. >> just getting started. and one thing here on health care, which is very interesting, in the past couple of minutes here, i've got won press releases, one from the republican national commit year, one from the club for growth, and they used a new term on me here, -- a reference to jonathan gruber, and this is this issue about the what was known about the health care bill, what was said about the health care bill and whether or not the democrats were trying to cover this up. they're championing this -- this will be an issue in the next congress. house speaker john binner and
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minority leader, soon to be majority leader in the senate, senator much mcconnell, are promising multiple votes on health care, and there's going to be a sprem court case dealing with the subsidies on this. we'll probably have some additional hearings on this. maybe hear from mr. gruber himself. there is a danger for the republicans. they need to legislate. they need to get things accomplished. they're cautiously optimistic the might be able to tweak a few things with obamacare, but this jonathan gruber contributes to this. if they go down this path of obamacare all the time, the gravitational pull there is very strong, and that may keep them away from actually gettings things accomplished. >> so is it your sense that they are starting off on even more negative foot than they thought? that -- hard to turn a negative foot but the kumbiya we envisioned just dissipated
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quickly. >> it was pretty quick. a very quick honeymoon, and a lot of talk in the past 24 hours has been if the president moves the executive order on immigration reform, what that does for the spending bill. the government is funded through december 11th smythe the republicans try to undercut the order? hall rogers said it would be explosive. i talked to the chair of the dem crosswalk -- democratic caucus and he says if they start issuing ultimatums that's a problem. the vice-chairman called it childish. people are i can digging in quickly. >> have a sense the democrats are trying to bait the republicans to think the more we can push stuff in their face and threaten a shutdown, the better we look? mitch mcconnell has been on record saying that's not going to happen, certainly in the senate. but is it a whole other game in
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the house? >> he said it again today. no government shutdown. no default. if you look at the cards that the democrats have to play. that might be what they're trying to do. they kind of know the thinking of mike lee and ted cruz in the senate. they seive this effort to keep the government open here in just the next couple of weeks, and they might say, take your best shot here you want to play with fire? go for it. we know how the last government shut downed turn out. hall rogers said he didn't want to go down the route. thought it would be irresponsible. but this is the tough path that republicans have to walk. it's very challenging. the democrats -- you throw all this at them and see how this turns out. >> drive a wedge. chad, always appreciate it. thank you. in the meantime, jonathan who? the white house downplaying his work on developing the law but try tell that tot jonathan
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gruber. >> to talk about how to -- i got -- the call -- [inaudible] >> i don't know if i toldout but i'm kind of a big deal. not everyone was laughing. the obama architect who called american votes stupid may have visited the white house no fewer than 19 times. and it is not just the white house that wants to forget this guy. >> i don't know who he is. he didn't help write our bill, and so with all due respect to you question, you have a person would wasn't writing our bill, commenting on what was going on when we were writing the bill. let put him aside. >> wait a minute. nancy pelosi, didn't you say this? >> our bill brings down rates. i don't know if you have seen
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jonathan gruber's analysis. >> you mentioned jonathan gruber. all right. so much for jonathan who. let just say all of this is make sabrina sick. they know who jonathan was. >> now they're rein can requirement from group their way the democratic candidates ran away from the white house. it's funny. this is serious. this may have a different affect than previous problems we have seen. we have had lots of problem along the way with obamacare, from the rollout to keeping your insurance if you like it. this is a different tone. we're not talking about policy. we're talking about the american people. >> i aglee with you, great deal of play because it should concern you what was going into their thinking. the major mainstream newscasts are not covering this. not that into it. i'll give them the benefit of the doubt. they say it's mind-numbingly
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boring and didn't feel that way about mitt romney's remarks. but they're not giving this the play i think it deserves, and that's not speaking for the right or news. a good news story that one of the key architects was saying this stuff. if that's the case, then what? >> first of all there will increased pressure because people like fox news are covering that. >> because we're kind of a big deal. >> the leading cable network and it's important people hear this. republicans have an interest in getting the word out. it has been hard to get more support to repeal obamacare. one reason is because people have heard the same messages repeated over and over again. it's going to decrease quality of care, cost you more. doesn't have an impact. when something like this comes out it can disrupt people's thinking, really change the game. >> you know, sabrina, you mentioned something that is have i important and that is this idea that even when it was being
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constructed, it sounds too good to be true, probably was. i said at the time we were -- i should have gotten a condo in washington -- when they said, you can cover everybody, you can cover preexisting conditions-all lauder lauditory goals, and then say you're not paying more for it, i'm not she sharpest tool in the shed but i do crunch numbers and i say it's going to cost more. this is confirming the original suspicions. i think a lot of americans had. >> that's right there's been a big confusion. i have this only social media today, an argument. the difference between health coverage and health care elm we all want to make sure those who our nation who don't have coverage get that, but we are more interested in make sure that everybody has quality care they can afford. that's where market-based solutions will be much more impactful than more government. >> one thing gruber said that is revealing when at the talked about cadillac plans that really warrant so cad -- weren't so
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cadillac. it was sort of like the anc, minimum muss tact that would target on the wealthy when it grew to include a much wider base of people and that was the same thing with the cadillac tax. he is speaking to the groups, the treasury will get a lot of revenue because it will encompass a wider group of people. >> this is the conversation we never had. valerie jarrett and at the white house are saying we had this great conversation any only the rich will pay. >> there was no debate. my way or the highway. massive disapproval of the law before it went into effect, and they basically shoved it down the american people's throats and now gruberer is saying, we did just that, and people are saying, hold on, i don't like that. >> very well put. sabrina, thank you very much. the only reason we're bringing this up, this is how this was cooked up. agreed to it raises an important
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point about key mathematical estimates that were deliberately kept vague so-so people wouldn't know, and then it gets back to the iof what nancy pelosi knew and whether she new exactly what in it. whether he remembered mr. gruber or not. all right, now to the tizzy over lizy. harry reid'veing elizabeth warrant to a leadership --way to a leadership position in the senate. one says a warren promotion like that tells you all you need to know about how much democrats are willing to compromise, and, senator, you argue, if that's the signal, not much. why? >> well, actually there's something that elizabeth warren and i do agree with and that's eliminating the medical device tax, which has driven jobs overseas and caused medical innovation to stagnate in this country. want to work with her and work with democrats on issues we agree on that will get jobs to the country, people to work, and the economy -- >> len the me -- i want to get
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to the issue. but on the medical device tax that seems to unite democrats and republicans. they would likely kill that. but then how would you -- because elizabeth warren has to look for alternative revenues that will be lost when you take th away. what do you say to that and what are republicans offering that or not getting that far. >> we need to eliminate the medical device tax. health and human services says they're expecting fewer people to sign up for the obama healthcare program this coming year. a lot fewer than the congressional budget office said. so that's money that's not going to good out for subsidies. but additionally, we need to actually try to take out all of these horrible components of the healthcare law. it's not just the medical device act. it's restoring the 40-hour work week so people don't have their takehome pair lowered because hours are cut. eliminate the employer mandate that makes.
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harder for beens to hire people. focus on the part that is the most unpopular part, the individual mandate, that mandates people buy insurance they don't need, don't want, couldn't food. those are the areas -- >> a lot of those issues, to your point, elizabeth warren and you agree. devil is is in details and how you swap out the revenues you lose. do you find her moving into this quasi-leadership role in the new senate as a new sign that democrats are still lard left and -- hard left and going to be harsh -- hard-bargaining. >> democrats are moving farther to the left as a party and are likely to do that in the nomination process next time for president. want to work with people who voted for bipartisan bills in the house of representatives that have been stuck on harry reid's desk, over 300 of. the 40 are good jobs bills to
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get americans back to work that harry has been blocking votes in the senate on. >> i know that. what do you read about the -- by putting her in this position, he is more or less saying, liberals will have a very influential role. >> it's interesting because the more mainstream candidates loses in the elections this time, the more powerful nancy pelosi becomes as her numbers shrink and shrink and shrink. the number of democrats coming into the house the next session, the last -- this is historic low for them. the last time it was this low was in the 20s in when in hollywood they were moving from the silent films to talkies. >> that was a while ago. senator. thank you, sir. >> they're sticking with nancy pelosi and this tired team of pelosi and reid. >> i'll put you down as not quite a fan. senator, thank you. look who is talking about keystone.
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our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. keystone wall? done matter if the congress passes it. the white house will veto it. to the man behind the house keystone bill. republican louisiana congressman, bill cassidy, going to be in a runoff with senator landrieu. no rones from senator landrieu's office. let's talk about what your measure calls for. open upsteen. >> correct. >> and obviously that would pass in the house. in fact a vote in the senate where i'm sure it would pass in the senate but the devil is getting the president to sign on it to, which won't happen, at least now. >> the president apparently announced he would veto. that's okay. he is on record then of opposing
1:18 pm
40,000 jobs going to families that are now struggling. if the aren't want to be on report so be it. it's the responsibility of congress to do what is right both by the 40,000 families but also by our nation's energy supplies. >> do you think that the time has gone by the president, maybe you guys with no intention on your part, that oil has got son low it might be actually prohibitive for drillers to go for it, it's not worth their while and maybe was six years ago when all of this debate first started and this so-called -- but in that time, prices have collapsed to the point where it's almost worth it for the oil guys to drill for it. >> i actually think three there would still be a market and we santa say the current low dictate the future. we have to commit to the american people to create better jobs. these 40,000 jobs are for the families who right now are
1:19 pm
struggling. they don't have solar engineering ph.d. they do construction or mining or manufacturing. this would help them. it's an important measure to pass. if it takes landrieu's job to be on the line for harry reid to agree to pass the legislation so be it. >> congressman, going to health care, the argue. has been if you got to the senate, joined your republican colleagues who have now formed the substantial majority there, they would have a vote to repeal health care and put the onus on democrats to vote yea or nay. you think a coalition could be built skin tackle democrats to do that. >> absolute limit insurance people mums increased by as much as 80% in some cases 250%. there's family in louisiana was paying $12,000 two years ago. last year, 21,000.
1:20 pm
now they're getting a 20% increase. at some point congress has to be sensitive to the price that obamacare is exacting upon the american people. if not, we're not doing our jobs. the democrats haven't been doing their job. that's why they lost and the president ignoring the plight, his party is going to be in worse shape in two years. >> seems like there's broad agreement on talking to a future colleague if you make it in, senator from wyoming, who says there's agreement even among senate democrats, including elizabeth warren, who will have a more prominent role, to cut the medical device tax. do you think republicans should be looking for revenue alternatives to keep this alive or do you think they should just kill it at every chance? >> we must kill it but we must replace it. the underlying premise of obamacare is that government
1:21 pm
knows best. government can tell family how to live their lives. that's a central premise we must, we must get rid of. now, whatever gets us to the peel of the central premise to replace it something with which the patient has the power i will support. >> congressman, thank you very much. we did call senator landrieu, didn't get back to us but we try every time and we will continue to do so. in the quest to be fair and balanced. unless in the other side answers the calls, point show you summer slides of me at the beach. i owe you that. we'll have more on landing on a comet.
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i want to pass along a stunning development we're getting from "associated press" that president obama is poised to go ahead with the executive orders that will delay deportations for many illegals but apparently many more illegals than was earlier thought. forget the three or four figure. it is closer to five million illegal immigrants liveing in the country. republicans call it am in the cities, democrats say it's a more orderly process. there will be a press conference by speaker john boehner and other republicans in the house. this will not go down well and john boehner has already said would significantly poison the well if the president were to go through with this. apparently if the "associated press" is right, he will. in the meantime, history in the making. take a look at this.
1:26 pm
the very first image ever teen of a comet after the european space agency pulls off what no one has ever done before. well, except in hollywood. landing a spacecraft on a comet. so while they're getting all the buzz, this buzz wants to know where is our buzz? the second man to walk on the moon, buzz aldrin. he says we're dropping the space fall and it's going to come back to bite it. ahead of that, the former astronaut, tom jones, on where we're headed now. tom, on what buss aldrin will be tilling me on fox business network, wait a minute, what are we doing? what do you think? >> well, it's important to keep this in perspective. the europeans, i congratulate those guys on a terrific first, a first soft landing on a comet, the first comet rendevous, and that's not to the whole story. the large seems to be that nasa had a couple of accidents,
1:27 pm
commercial space industry had a couple on defendants. now we're not participating except at the scientific investigator level. we're slowing down. i say that in planetary science we do -- we have a probe going by pluto in july, a probe going to jupiter. spacecraft round saturn, other feats other countries are not capable of. the long-term strategy worries me because funding is going down and problems in human space flight. >> i have no problem with the europeans and others seeking out the heavens but we don't seek it out as much and the budget isn't there and the attention is on unmanned triumphs and we have gone further than anyone else outside the solar system. having said that, the big
1:28 pm
headlines seem to be other countries and what they're doing, whether it's the europeans on the comet or the chinese reconquering the moon. we could argue, been there, done that. but they're all getting the buzz, and buzz aldrin, people like him, are saying, wait a minute, where is our buzz? are we just bad at marketing or just saying week okay hitching rides with the russians when it comes to sending men and women into space. >> that's an embarrassment and we need to speed up in my view, the replacement of the shuttle's capability with thecoma shall space taxis. that should have been done now instead of three years. and nasa has the first test flight of its orion deep spacecraft next month. going to carry people beyond the moon to mars, but that pace is very slow, and -- >> when you say slow, to, what is slow? you're talking many, many years -- >> i'm talking about is no americans will leave earth's orbit to go to the moon and
1:29 pm
beyond until at least the early 2020s and that should be sped up by the congress and overriding the president's slow pace of exploration. >> how likely will that be. >> congress can fund human space activities at a higher level than what the president is asking for, and push that through. i think that rather than wait for the slow pace that the president is proposing, both in planetary signs and home exploration, congress can push that long. it will take a consensus between the executive and the congress to boost the nasa space budget. with way want americans to be visiting an as store erode or back to the moon and on, we need to increase the nasa budget now by five annually, and the trend has been going down. >> tom jones, thank you for your service vision.
1:30 pm
get set for the house. john boehner, interesting strategy to back democrats into a pick old corner. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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he wasn't kidding. the president about to act on immigration. time for a kick in the class. millenals taking out massive student loans. why aren't they worried about paying them back? maybe because they won't have to. back in 60.
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this is a vote to lower energy costs and create more american jobs. finding common ground won't be easy but for the sake of american workers i hope the president will sign this bipartisan bill without delay. >> i want to start by congratulating the new leadership team, and i want to start also by thanking my constituents for giving me another opportunity to serve. the election was a very large election, but you must not misread into what it says. the american public have watched
1:35 pm
from obamacare to va to the irs and benghazi. the challenge that this government has had and the incompetency. hour mission as house republicans is to change that. to move america in the right direction, and when you have watched and see what we'll start with tomorrow as the speaker talked about keystone pipeline. it's jobs, the economy. it's moving us forward. you will find that as we walk into the new year, the house and the senate will work together. we have a number of bills already sitting that we can move to the president's desk. we ask for an opportunity for this president to start anew, that both houses and the president work together to put america first. i made a promise when i took the leadership job a few months ago and we'll keep that. the house republicans will have the wisdom to listen and the courage to lead. it's an hour to be reewith my
1:36 pm
colleagues to serve as the house majority whip as well as people in southeast louisiana giving me an opportunity to serve another two years, and we're excited about the opportunities we have to work together to get our country back on track. if you look back at the election, the president said this would be a referendum on his agent, -- on his agenda and the public took him to his word. if you look throughout our races in the house, both the returning members of congress and our new members, we talked about the bills, over 350 bills that we passed out of the house, to get our country back on track that were stuck in the senate. i think the public also went to the polls and i said they want to get a congress and a washington that works for them. and when you look at this new freshman class, in this large house majority, largest since. the 1920s -- i would argue one of the most diverse congresses we have ever had -- we have great people with great energetic idea whose came here to get to work solving problems for the american people. i'm excited about that
1:37 pm
opportunity to help be part of this leadership team that is stronger than ever and more focused on the problems this country is facing to get our country become on track. >> i, too, am excited to congratulate the new leadership team for he 114th congress. this is a team that is committed to listening. committed to advancing real and committed to making life fo. a team that reps every corner of the country, diverse backgrounds, diverse experiences, but we are united in a belief and the promise of this country, we're going to be working every day to advance those policy solutions that are going to improve people's lives, that are going to create more opportunities, are going to allow people to keep more of their -- >> you're listening to the republican leadership. the who's who in the house, a house that has grown by 12
1:38 pm
members. we'll be dipping in and out of e questions, not only on keystone that the president won't sign the bill until he hears the results of what has been a six-year long state department study. but all of this on the same day the president is poised to issue a series of executive orders that will delay deportations for upwards of five million illegals. to how all of that is going to fare. frank, what do you think? >> i'm shocked, and i'm shocked because i don't think this president has actually understood the magnitude of what happened last tuesday. it's only eight days ago. the public said for the president to start listening to the american people. he repudiated the -- publicly repudiated the president's policies, his administration, and is now going and essentially ignoring them through executive order.
1:39 pm
this is unprecedent ned 20 years i've been analyzing this. a president who this close to the election said i'm going to ignore the american people. i think it's up to the house and senate to demonstrate they can work together, they can put this legislation through, but on keystone, the american people overwhelmingly support it. in terms of immigration, the public will be very concerned the president is acting without any input from congress. the honeymoon is over. >> this is being done ostensibly -- mary landrieu could go on record as voting for keystone and might favor jobs in louisiana. do you think that's the case? >> i just think that congress and the american people on one side and the president on the other side have a completely different agenda -- >> i wasn't clear. do you think regardless of your thoughts on that -- many agree -- it would happen the margins landrieu's chances of getting re-electioned.
1:40 pm
>> yes but she won't be the next senator from louisiana. all the stakes around there spoke. when you head republicans winning across the south, she is not going to get elected no matter what the president might do to try to aide her. >> elizabeth warren will have a prominent role. we're not told which in the new senate. what does that tell you? the hard drives to the left even harder. >> tells me the democrats have decided their future is to tack to the left, give up the center, and if i were a democratic strategist i would tell them that's exactly the opposite to do. you should embrace what the election results told you. we did a search for each american dream and we found the number one priority is to work together to get things done. elizabeth warren doesn't want to work with anybody. >> the. we're going to tip back to the speaker be takenning questions.
1:41 pm
>> -- entertaining questions. >> the president is threatening to take action on immigration, even though in the past he has made clear he didn't believe he had the constitutional responsibility or authority to do that. and i just say this. we're going fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path. this is the wrong way to govern. this is exactly what the american people said on election day they didn't want. and so all the options are on the table. we're having discussions with our members members and no decis have been made how we will fight this if he proceeds. >> the funding bill could have strict language. >> all options are on the table. >> you said the government shutdown should be off the table. government shutdown is not go for the party or the country -- >> our goal here is to stop the president from violating his own oath of office and violating the
1:42 pm
constitution. it's not to shut down the government. >> you believe there's a mechanism by which you can stop him? >> we're looking at all options. they're on the table. our goal here is to stop the president from doing this. >> can you? >> we'll find out. >> other than the -- what other options are you looking at? >> well, you know, every administration needs this and needs that and needs all kinds of things, and if he wants to go off on his own, there are things he is just not going to get. nice too see you. >> can you see what those are? >> wow, that is pretty strong there i think what he is saying is the president goes ahead on his own to -- by executive order -- a series of executive orders because it has to be done in stages -- and wants to delay deportations for some five million illegals, republicans can play that game, too, and forcibly stop other things the president wants to do. they call that hard ball, frank.
1:43 pm
what do you make of it? >> it is, and both sides are you outlining the positions they're taking. the public supports the republican position on this and the democratic position. the key is which one blinks first and do the bring the american people with them? i'm not convinced either side has a slam-dunk case on this. i will tell you this, the president, by being so declarative, i think that he is jeopardizing his credibility at a time in his job approval rating is 39, 40%. >> do you think that democrats -- i asked a number of republicans over the course of the day -- telling me they think it could be a case of the democrats trying to force them into this shutdown talk and all, some conservative members, tea party members, crews and the like, who might differ with their leadership and then divide and conquer the republicans. what do you think? >> i've been up on the senate today and i think that there's
1:44 pm
some dem -- i know there's some democrats who oppose what the president is trying to do, they don't feel he is listening to the election results and the american people, and they're nervous the president will divide this small democratic senate caucus right at the moment when they have to begin to repair themselves for the 2016 election. there's peril on both sides. >> do you think elizabeth warren's more prominent role is harry reid's role in parting the clintons -- against want to be macveilan but she came out of nowhere. >> it's for him. he is trying desperately to hold on to his position, which he will, that he isner obvious, that there -- he is nervous, people would like to unseat him. he has to win in 2016, not only to take back the senate but has to wince himself in a very difficult race in nevada. harry reid is the most vulnerable democratic incumbent in 2016, and by putting his his warren where she is, it means he will have access to all the money he needs to fight the
1:45 pm
race. >> frank luntz, thank you very much. these are fast-moving developments. this illegal immigration thing and deport takes much bigger than thought and much sooner than thought. charles payne on that after this.
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some breaking news just in. a grand jury has just indicted the man who oversaw a west virginia mine that exploded back in 2010 and killed 29 workers. the federal charges in the indictment involve safety operations at the mine. the then-ceo is named don blanchenship. he was in charge of the upper big branch mine. the charges here include conspiracy to violate mine safety and health standards, along with counter and speier si to impede safety officials and lying to security and exchange commissions along with securities fraud. blankenship said last year if he goes to prison it will be
1:49 pm
political. he could get 31 years. i'm shepard smith. >> wow. he was a noted critic of the administration. we'll see what happens there the fox business network's charles payne. if the kumbiya -- it's over. >> maybe it was there for a nanosecond. we now from day one that president obama took this election with a deaf here. interpreted it the way he wanted to interpret it and more or less said, it was a debunk or rebuke of the system, of washington, not of me, not of my policies and it's forging straight ahead. i was listening to the interview with frank hunts. the president is setting himself up so badly and the democrats have to be shaking in their boots. >> you wouldn't know it but the hard charge left elizabeth warren.
1:50 pm
>> her message resonate with a lot of people out there. >> big with the base. >> forget about how many people are apolitical. you talk people who didn't turn out and say here's the real way your wages have not gone up. you're getting the shaft here. she is very eloquent, very per sayssive. she shaft here. she is el gent, persuasive. she scares me more than anybody on the political scene and gave hear bigger role. again, you know, it's an interesting thing because if the far, far left takes over the democratic party, then all of last tuesday could be erased and this is the first from the president and might be more. keystone goes through, democrats vote for it, he vetoes it. >> markets like this type of division. right? the white house in one party, the others in another.
1:51 pm
but i don't know if that would hold this time. >> there's a lot of false idioms out there. bill clinton had welfare reform and pro-business things and the market up every single year. >> very good point. 6:00 p.m. he gets into this every night. fantastic show. he is a fantastic talent. only one that obligates the host. that's charles to make you some money. if he doesn't, he loses the job. tragic but that's how it is. we have a lot more after this. you do a lot of things great.
1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
that is not going well with republicans. in either the house or the senate. john boehner saying and politely it is at the very least a nonstarter and republicans could go tit for tat for what the president wants. it is nasty and fox senior capitol hill producer chad pilgrim is there. wow. the savoy is issued, i guess, huh? >> short honeymoon here after the election. president obama might be saying this is a way to jump start the issue, force the republicans' hand. house speaker boehner says that they're going to fight the president on this tooth and nail, and again, remember that th. government has to be funded the current funding mechanism ends on the 11th. a lot of republicans are saying, maybe we can try to get at the president and undo whatever this executive order is by defunding some of these programs and if they go that route, this is going to be a battle roil, neil. >> i'm wondering if that's what
1:56 pm
the president sbeintended by go through with this and tempting a government shutdown and like it on republicans' hands, right? >> well, again, this's the classic shoving match here, because, you know, what's past is prologue. we saw with the senate last year and harry reid kept flushing these house passed spending bills to rid of obamacare and maybe that would be the thing they try to attach to the spending bill this time, truncating any of the executive order that is deal with immigration reform and that could bring us to the brink right again. >> all right. chad, thank you. needless to say, we'll be all over this on fox business network. 8:00 p.m. a lot of you asking why was i out yesterday. we would normally have afforded some time for this but getting into the e-mails, all of your questions, attacks, some nice things about whether he was being too personal or nasty and
1:57 pm
all but citing hillary clinton's age that he's not up for the run and see what a lot of you think. see you then. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all. ♪
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. you know, it's "the five." so, you all know about the big hoax of jonathan gruber video. admitted what the obama administration believed. let's deceive them of obamacare. gruber said he didn't mean it. we found a second video and a third and number four came out today. >> oh no. >> caught on tape, the architect busted. which brings us to today when nancy pelosi pretended today


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